About Us


About Us

Guardian sleep is a privately held healthcare information technology company focused on improving the clinical outcomes of patients with (osa) obstructive sleep apnea. We use a pioneered cloud-based hst for obstructive sleep apnea by allowing primary care physicians to become the point of care for diagnostic testing.

Guardian sleep is bringing solutions to physicians that will:

  • Improve diagnostic speed and accuracy;

  • Increase patient comfort

  • Create a low-cost alternative to the current sleep testing solutions available to patients.

"Our mission is to improve the clinical outcomes of patients with chronic diseases"
All our patients are offered state-of-the-art home sleep testing diagnostic equipment. Our unique approach ensures that our patients receive the correct treatment. To receive more information feel free to contact us, we will be happy to provide the support you need.

What We Do

The first step towards finding relief from sleep apnea is its proper diagnosis. We offer in-home diagnostic testing devices and can provide care from any of our Patient Service Centers in California, or utilizing telemedicine we can send the device directly to your home. Once someone is diagnosed with sleep apnea, we work closely with both the patient and his or her primary care physician to determine the best course of treatment. Treatment options include PAP (Positive Airway Pressure) devices, oral appliances, and other methods.

Each of our patients works with his or her personal Sleep Care Specialist who is there to coach them to wellness. Personal Sleep Care Specialists, or sleep coaches, check on our patients' progress and make adjustments to any treatment plans as necessary. Guardian Sleep provides a continuum of care and a level of patient compliance that is unique in the field, while also ensuring that patient cost is reasonable. Doctors and insurance companies have come to rely on our services because we provide a financially feasible solution with consistently successful.